ektorp sofa bed cover 3

ektorp sofa bed cover 3
photograph ektorp sofa bed cover 3
picture ektorp sofa bed cover 3

Bored of the same Ektorp sofa you’ve had for years? Give it a whole new look with machine washable, pet & kid friendly custom slipcovers here now! Designed with comfort in mind, this round armed classic is a favourite in many households around the world. Comfort Works makes custom slipcovers for the entire Ektorp series - even the Ektorp 2 seat sofa bed and Ektorp 3 seater sofa bed which has been discontinued by IKEA. Our hand made slipcovers comes with side pleats, matching piping and large back cushions which you can rotate to even out wear. 

This model includes 5 covers: 1 frame cover, 2 seat cushion covers and 2 back cushion covers. This cover can only be used on the Ektorp 2 seater sofa bed, which has been discontinued by IKEA. Measures 200cm x 97cm H88cm. The cover has piping in a matching color. The cushions covers are closed with zippers and are reversible.

Before you tell me I’m crazy (four kids and a dog!) let me explain: I’d done my due diligence. I’d read many blog posts (like here, here, and here) from busy moms who love their white Ektorp sofas, and who swore they’re not hard to maintain.

If you’re unfamiliar with this classic IKEA sofa, here’s what you need to know: you buy your sofa base and choose your own slipcover from a dozen or so options. I had planned to get beige slipcovers, but they were sold out. Since we live 120 miles from IKEA, popping in a few days later to pick one up wasn’t an option. So we went with white.

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